I made 999 of my YouTube subscribers cry!

Finally 1000 on YOUTUBE!!!

Hey friends!!! We have finally passed the famous first step of Youtube: having 1000 subscribers!!! Thank you everyone for your enormous support over the last 9 months, because it’s only thanks to you! And also my talent as an actor, I must admit! So without further ado here is the video! Stay tuned until the end to see if you are the lucky guitar strap winner!

The object that will make 999 of my YouTube subscribers cry!

This craftsman makes 999 of his YouTube subscribers cry! #youtube #artisan #leather


My YouTube channel giving birth!

9 months after its launch, the Ma ROCK’inerie YouTube channel finally has its first 1000 subscribers!!! And it’s a real reward!!! Because as you know… Bringing together the equivalent of a concert hall is no easy task! And now I will have to ensure video level…

So I have planned something heavy! Tutorials to learn how to make leather bracelets – videos where I test leatherwork tools – surprises etc…

If you have any wishes, you can definitely tell me! As well as (constructive) comments to improve my videos: more than… Less than…

It’s always super useful to have your feedback and that’s the only way I can bring you quality videos!

My YouTube channel is looking for partners!

Now that we are 1k, I will have to surround myself with partners to continue to evolve! Suppliers of leather – tools – employees etc… I am primarily looking for suppliers who would like to benefit from my growing visibility to offer a discount voucher on orders.

I am obviously open to all other proposals! to contact me: masoni.maroquinerie@gmail.com

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