Viking on board – A muscular project!

Viking on board the first “Tough Guys” family

Viking on board is a brand of accessories for confirmed rebels! (car stickers – humorous stickers).

“Tough guys”, there are a lot of them who claim to be… But it’s different for you!
You can see it right away.

So how can you stand out from the big Sunday “broom”?

I have the solution for you:
A distinctive sign to stick everywhere!

But beware !!! Once the sticker is applied, there is no turning back!!!
Oh no! You will have to assume and proudly show your belonging to the world of Tough Guys!

Badass stickers badass viking family car stickers
Viking on Board Badass Decals Viking Family Car Stickers

The “Viking on Board” project in a few words

Because you have to start with something, I first drew this TERRIBLE Viking family BUT, very quickly, other big brooms, each tougher than the other will complete this series!!! (Bikers – Metalheads – Zombies – Cro-Magnon men, etc.)

These endearing characters, drawn with a firm hand, can represent your family with humor!

Badass stickers viking family car stickers to stick everywhere
I want to take these drawings TRAVEL!
And that’s why it will be easy for you to stick them on your car, your suitcases, on your mailbox (to indicate that a family of “Big Toughs” lives here)
and why not, in your photo albums to customize them!

As each family is unique, all stickers will be sold separately!

However, I wanted you too to be able to actively participate in this project by adding your “Touch”.
I need you to finalize some details like:

  • THE INSCRIPTIONS under the characters.
  • THE IDEAL sticker SIZE.
  • THE COLORS of the stickers.
  • THE NEXT FAMILIES you want to have in your home.
  • ACCESSORIES other than stickers. (T-shirts – magnets – badges – caps – cups – bags…).
Badass stickers car stickers viking family drawing

“Vikin on board” not just stickers!

» If this project is successful, I would like to develop a customizable option to make this character completely UNIQUE and in your IMAGE! “
(distinctive signs – first name – hair and skin color – accessories, etc.).

After the stickers, accessories will quickly come out with other TOUGH guys like Bikers – Metalheads – Gamers – ZOMBIES….
As well as a range specially dedicated to “REBEL BABIES”!

– There will be sewing in the air… but shush!!! It’s still a secret 😉

Badass stickers viking family car stickers Nicolas Masoni crowdfunding

Crowdfunding “Viking on board”

I tried to use my influence as Badass in Chief to put pressure on and get the stickers for free!!!

But they didn’t want to know ANYTHING!

So it’s simple… We’re going to dominate the world by playing their own game!
(Machiavellian laughter)

Viking child drawing Badass stickers Viking family car stickers

To be able to offer them at the best price (to customers or to resellers with decreasing prices), I have to order a very large quantity.

This amount, unfortunately, is too difficult for my little arms to raise alone.
Especially since you also have to add the price of an e-commerce site… Here again, the amount takes me away from my dream!

I also have to approach several specialized stores (looking for partnerships) to offer these stickers and other future accessories for resale!
If I want to convince and seduce these stores, I will have to offer beautiful packaging (displays – business cards – flyers, etc.).

Admit that it would still be sexier!
(your store proposals are also welcome)

Viking stickers on board

What will this funding be used for?

Funding ulule project badasses viking stickers stickers
  • PRINTING: For my first family of Tough Guys to begin the big journey, I have to have them printed and in good quality so as not to see them flying away on all the highways of the world!
  • THE WEBSITE: Because in 2018 a company’s visibility happens on the Internet…
  • SHOPPING SHOPS: Send explanatory packs to several specialized stores and go directly on site to create partnerships.
  • ADVERTISING BUDGET: Print flyers – business cards.
  • DISPLAYS AND PACKAGING: So that the stores have beautiful displays and that my customers receive a beautiful tailor-made package!
  • ULULE FEES: Because they help project leaders like me to realize their dreams.

With this money, I will be able to:

  • TEST MY PROJECT and not launch into the unknown… If you like the Viking family then my dream is finally beginning!!!
  • GROW THIS PROJECT by creating other families, other accessories, and developing a complete collection for rebellious babies!
Badass stickers car stickers viking family ulule Nicolas Masoni

How to support “Viking on Board”

» Because it is easier to give 1 euro to a thousand people once! Uhhh no…
We can give 1000 people for 1 euro… No..rhaaa in short! “

  • Sharing: This is undoubtedly THE most important point… Share everywhere on social networks, join us on Facebook – Twitter – Instagram and Youtube (links at the bottom). And talk about it as much as possible… The success of the project depends on you.
  • The donation of 1 euro: It’s already super cool! Thank you so much.
  • Pre-order: Sticker(s) of your choice.
  • The THOR pack: You will receive your stickers accompanied by a leather pendant “Hammer of THOR” made by me in my workshop in Belgium (additional delivery times).
  • The ODIN pack: You will receive your stickers accompanied by a leather “Viking Bracelet” made by me in my workshop in Belgium (additional delivery times).
  • “Shop” packs: Take advantage of a starter kit for your store! (set of stickers – displays – flyers).
Badass Decals Viking Family Car Stickers

As we are going to use a lot of paper to make our stickers, it is very important to CONSIDERATELY reduce our impact on our beautiful planet… This is why, part of your donations will make it possible to replant trees around the world, create work for people living in disadvantaged areas and build natural shelters for animals!

It really matters to me to be able to do a small, much-needed gesture for our land and our children.

Badass Decals Viking Family Car Stickers

What if we exceed the goal?

  • IF WE REACH 120%: I create and print the DOG and the CAT from the VIKING family, AND GOOD NEWS, to celebrate, I am offering them to all contributors who have pre-ordered at least 1 sticker.
  • 150%: I create and print two first members of the BIKERS family!!! (Mr and Madam).
  • 200%: I create and print the children of the BIKERS family, the doggie and the clerk (dog and cat)!!!
  • 300%: I produce the special “Rebellious Babies” collection (bibs – cuddly toys – clothes etc…).
  • 500%: you are seriously ill! “No one calls me a wimp!” » So I’m going to prove to you that I’m capable of giving birth to 3 new “Tough Guys” families OF YOUR CHOICE (vote on Instagram)! But also, my clothing brand will be able to see the light of day!
  • 501%: you will calm down
presentation ulule Masoni Nicolas Durs à Cuire viking stickers on board
Badass stickers car stickers family viking clio

Presentation of the “Dur à Cuir” Nicolas Masoni

I’m Nicolas! And I’m a Badass… Well, you’ve already watched the video!!!

I am currently an employee and an Artisan Leatherworker in a complementary activity.
I also host a YouTube channel (Ma ROCK’inerie) with tutorials to easily learn leather working.
It already brings together a great community of “TOUGH LEATHER”… Yes I know… leather/cook… The play on words was fitting!

Ah yes… Among my many passions, I am adding yet another string to my bow with “video” and motion design animation…

And yeah, a TOUGH never sleeps!

What would be cool is if you feel like a TOUGH, join us on the various social networks.

AND WE WILL DOMINATE THE WORLD!!! mouahahahaa (again hoarse Machiavellian laughter)

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