I engrave leather paintings and offer them!

100% handmade leather paintings!

This week, I’m launching a brand new concept on my YouTube channel: My ROCK’inerie!!

Make leather paintings with the pattern of your choice! We’re starting strong because after the little vote on Instagram, you chose the motif of “The Nightmare Before Christmas”!!!

The best when you know it’s my favorite cartoon!

But you are starting to know me!!! I can’t do things simple… So I added a little complexity! Make the whole table from A to Z!

From the engraving to the frame.

Yaap the framework is also me who will do it!!!!

This craftsman makes leather paintings and offers them to these tipsters!!! #leather #artisan #art


100% leather paintings to win!

Ah… Since launching my leatherworking business, I have made gifts! Leather bracelets, book covers, belts… Very soon a beautiful guitar strap that I will offer to one of my YouTube subscribers!!!

But what interests us today is how to win these famous “leather paintings”?

Well quite simply by helping me!

It’s a good deal, right? We are not going to deny the obvious, all companies that offer you a gift do so for a very specific purpose! And I am always very transparent with you.

My goal is: To evolve on YouTube – Become more and more known and be able to launch my online training on leather working!

So how will this look?

I will continue to make free videos on my YouTube channel Ma ROCK’inerie, and bring you good advice for getting started in crafts and leather work. But also tool tests, fun with making leather paintings for example, and many other videos on the subject of leather!

But to continue offering videos it has to be able to pay me a little to be able to continue buying leather – and also to eat 😀

So I set up….

A tipeee account to finance my YouTube channel!

To survive in this jungle, you need money. Let’s call it that way to lighten things up!

Tipeee is a super cool way to make a small donation of a few euros (1 euro is already the best of the best!) to support a project or a content creator to evolve! And therefore receive even more beautiful videos!

In my case, you will help me to make myself more visible – to finance great training – and to provide you with videos which will help you too become a craftsman or business creator!

In short, everyone wins!

And the little extra!!!

By donating even 1 euro, this gives you a ticket for the draw that I will carry out (when 150 euros of donations are reached) to allow you to choose 1 of my paintings!

And yes with 1 euro you can win 1 of my creations including delivery costs!

So to come read the description and why not help me evolve:

You can also help me by adding likes by sharing my articles or videos with your friends etc… It’s just as important as a donation!!! All these little actions make me really, really happy! thanks <3

The video in all of this!!!

You mean the videos??? Indeed I created my first painting in 2 parts! So enjoy watching!!!

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