I engrave a unicorn on leather – Painting to win!

A pretty unicorn on a leather board!

Rhoooo I want to be forgiven! By making the dreams of many of you come true!

The one to see me make a beautiful unicorn full of color on leather!

Well ladies!!! Well gentlemen!!!

It’s now done!

I hope you will enjoy this video which (I swear it was not bad intentions) was super difficult to shoot! Lots of technical problems (I’ll tell you about them below)…

In the meantime, don’t forget to share this video… It’s a very simple gesture, but it’s thanks to that that I would be featured on YouTube… So thank you very much!

1 billion pink and glittery hearts!

This artisan engraves a unicorn on leather and offers the painting to one of his fans! #leather #unicorn


The 100% Unicorn video! Glitter and bomb pink!

A magical unicorn that’s hard to capture!

As I told you above, I had a lot of technical problems like the one that I couldn’t solve at 8:06 minutes…

I exported the videos 3 times (3 times 6 hours), and it is now too late to give up on releasing it on time!

This will remain a big frustration on my YouTube channel… because I like to do things properly! But I think my computer is already too old to export videos in 4k!

I’m going to do the test one last time, but otherwise back in full HD!

An indomitable unicorn!

In addition to that, filming in 4k is a big hassle in the sense that my smartphone is very quickly saturated with memory… I have to travel miles between my computer and my workshop to empty the super large files!!!

This unicorn definitely showed me!

But I am even more proud to have achieved it. I hope you will be able to appreciate the work despite the small erasure of 8 minutes 06!!!

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