Viking Stickers, the launch of a major project?

Viking Stickers: a family that suits you!

With my partner Fanny, we had the idea of making stickers for cars, with hand-drawn characters.

We wanted these designs to represent your family with humor!

To start this project, I drew this Viking family! A very endearing family that leaves no member of the family behind!

Everyone has their own personality and it is therefore easy to let yourself be inhabited by the character…

The name of this new company: The “Tough guys”!!!

Durs à Cuir is a brand of accessories for confirmed rebels!
– Needless to say, it’s a tough project.

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Viking Stickers to stick everywhere!

Like all projects, we had to start with a first approach! In a while, other families will come to join these brave vikings!

Like Rockers, ZOMBIES and also Bikers!!!

Support was also needed! Fanny and I therefore decided to start our big project with car stickers! It will obviously be possible to imagine your stickers everywhere:

  • On a mailbox: to indicate that in this house there lives a complete viking family!!!
  • In a travel diary: to illustrate your vacation with punch!
  • In a photo album: to add a note of humor!
  • ETC….

The possibilities are endless to unleash your creativity!

And after the stickers?

Because it’s all well and good to imagine several “tough guy” families, but we have lots of other surprises planned for you!

Stickers are just the beginning! A quick start because we want to develop this beautiful project very quickly with other supports!

So, if you like this idea, t-shirts, sweaters and a whole range of accessories for rebellious babies will arrive!

In short, as you can see, this project is very complex and that is why I am going to present it to you in several stages…

see you soon my badasses!

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