A free YouTube tool to boost your channel quickly!

An essential tool for progressing on Youtube

Why introduce you to a Youtube tool?

You’ve known me for a long time! I only talk about what I am happy with and which is of genuine interest to you.

In this case we are going to talk about a FREE tool, but terribly essential for any good YouTuber!

free youtube tool to boost your channel quickly

As I write this article, I have a small YouTube channel with 750 subscribers!

Just 6 months after its launch, I am clearly not the new Cyprien – Norman or the Squeezie of the DIY YouTube channels.

However… I am super proud of my progress!

My very first video, completely stuck and unable to make a complete sentence without cutting to remove unwanted uhh!

Today I am much more comfortable, my videos become pleasant to watch and the sound… THE SOUND!!!! What a marked improvement. Without my audio engineer Audiocracy I wouldn’t be here and so, let’s start this article with a thank you! (besides I invite you to go to his blog to read his articles if you also want to improve the sound in your videos for example).

But also the increase in the number of fans!!

Ok you are going to tell me 750 is ridiculous for self-gratification! But let’s not forget that I had no pretensions to making videos!

It was simply a long-held dream that I finally came true! So if a few dozen people had watched my videos that was already a victory!!!

An all-in-one, free YouTube tool!

To help me grow my channel, I use a free YouTube tool “TUBE BUDDY”.

Simple practical and very efficient!

It is obviously possible to use the paid versions, but quite frankly, it will only depend on the result you want to obtain!

I discovered a free tool to get my #youtube channel off the ground!!!


All you need to know is that Tubebuddy is a tool that will not only simplify your life and save you a lot of time, but also help you put yourself forward on YouTube!

So here is what you will get (here we will only talk about the free version):

1) Optimize your videos!

Our first tool offered is the upload checklist!
A list of 12 actions to carry out to really boost the SEO of your videos! All you have to do is follow the recommendations and a small green notch will validate the task!

Really very useful so you don’t forget anything!

Tool to boost your YouTube channel and have more subscribers

2) Quickly navigate between your videos!

A small quick navigation bar in your “creator studio” will appear to scroll from one video to another very quickly.
No need to go back to find another video to edit.

This is certainly not the most useful option, but since it is kindly offered!

YouTube tool to boost your channel and have more subscribers

3) Even faster!

Yet another menu will be installed at the top of your Youtube page! Right next to your profile picture.
This is another good way to quickly access your menus.

YouTube tool to boost your channel and have more subscribers

4) Reply to comments quickly!

When you receive a comment on one of your videos, a little notification (the bell) naturally notifies you! Imagine being able to respond to this comment without moving from your page by clicking on the notification!

This is what TubeBuddy still offers you! Save time and be more efficient.

Tubebuddy YouTube tool to progress and have more subscribers

5) Be more visible with a cool emoticon

Add emoticons in the descriptions of your videos but also in the titles with this new menu which will appear once your account is created!

Add emoticons with tubebuddy free youtube tool

6) A custom integration code

Pimp your video embed code easily! (play the video in a loop – start the video at a specific moment – start the video automatically etc…)

7) Create your thumbnails!

A very practical tool if you don’t have editing software and if you want to stay on YouTube without the hassle.

8) Say hello!!!

Who likes to have a little welcome message when you register somewhere?

Everyone obviously… Especially since you can write a message that will be sent automatically to all your new subscribers!

Imagine the possibilities… Install a small discount voucher on your store – offer an ebook… You have found the solution to quickly increase your number of subscribers!

9) Find out who shares your videos!

Find out who is sharing your videos, and on which social network! And why not thank these people to encourage them to continue doing it!

A great tool to retain your audience.

10) Demonetization Tracker…

Before posting your video, find out if all the conditions for monetization are met…

Tubebuddy free youtube tool to find out if videos are demonetized

Obviously this YouTube tool has other free options which will be very useful to you, I invite you to go to this affiliate link (of course). As you can see, I am not encouraging you to take the paid versions, you are free to find your advantages there or not.

That said, this tool is essential for all YouTubers who want to develop their YouTube channel quickly.

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