How to make a leather bracelet?

The materials to make a leather bracelet!

To be able to make your bracelet, you must have:

Steps to make your bracelet:

This artisan taught me how to make leather bracelets!!!


Preparing the leather!

To begin, cut from vegetable tanned leather a rectangle 5 cm wide *the size of your wrist.

– Then a strip 2 cm wide and around 30 cm!
The 30 cm will have to be adjusted later! Such a length simply allows for ease in making the bracelet.

It’s always very annoying to find yourself 1 cm too short!

Little holes!

We’ll start with the strap, and place some reference points. The first two holes will be used to pass the RIVET which will seal the loop.

So, the first hole will be placed 1 cm from the edge, and the second hole 4 cm from the first hole! (or 5 cm from the cool edge)

– You can drill the holes with a 3 mm diameter cookie cutter.

– Next, we are going to place a landmark in the center of these two holes!
(it will be useful for the next step)

The landmark now allows for two other landmarks spaced 5mm apart on either side of the center point.

– Pierce these two points with a 3 mm diameter cookie cutter and cut between these holes to form a beautiful oval!
(This oval will be used to leave the pin of the movable buckle)

To finish, you can thin out the leather on the crust side so that the fold does not create excess thickness. You can also “break” the edges by cutting the corners a few millimeters.

And now the bracelet!

Now we will take care of the main piece of our bracelet!

– Let’s start by breaking the angles like for our strap!

– And now we can place the holes for our strap!
To do this, draw rectangles 3 cm long and 3 mm wide.

The first passage hole will be placed 2 cm from the edge, the second at 4 cm!
– And of course we do the same on the other side!

Most of the bracelet is done!

It’s time to dye your bracelet! In the video, shows you how to dye leather evenly!
– Lightly moisten your leather so that it does not become saturated with dye completely randomly! (blotting effect).

Nourish your leather with neatsfoot oil!


*This will at the same time make your bracelet waterproof.

Let’s wrap it up!

To place the buckle on the bracelet, nothing could be simpler!
Simply place the barb in the previously drilled oval hole and secure the buckle with the rivet!

And hop!

This step is already finished!

The last holes!

Place your use hole at the correct distance.
Then make 4 other holes on either side so that the result is uniform and balanced.

– Space the holes 1.5 cm apart


To finish your bracelet, smooth the edges with your smoother. This is an important step because what’s more ugly than rough edges???

So a little elbow grease is needed!

– Thank you very much for reading this article and watching my video!
This is by far the most complete tutorial on my YouTube channel… It took a lot of work and I hope it will be of great help to you…

(don’t hesitate to tell me in comments)

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