A terrifying Halloween mask to make at the last minute!

How to make a leather Halloween mask?

A Halloween mask wouldn’t be a real mask if it wasn’t made from real leather! Leather has this very noble side… And yet it can also remind us that we too have skin! The greatest horror films that have “rocked” our childhood have clearly understood that a mask made of human skin is very frightening!!! “Creepy” We are far from the beautiful leather bag eh!!! So this week we are going to learn how to make a mask worthy of horror films!!! A mask that could give a colony of kids a few sleepless nights!

Some tools to make your Halloween mask!

If you don’t have your #Halloween costume yet, check out this #tutorial!


Here are some links to help you quickly find your tools to make your leather mask. Obviously these are Amazon affiliate links. And these are tools that you can find in much better quality from leather goods suppliers:

A marathon video!!!

Ah lala… My videos wouldn’t have this fun side if I hadn’t had the usual set of problems! – I woke up yesterday (October 26, 2018) with a good idea in mind… “Do nothing with my day” I was far from suspecting what was going to happen! Fanny, my devoted partner, reminded me that Halloween was coming soon… At 8:00 a.m., my marathon day had just begun…

A unique creation, in leather, for Halloween!

Following this little adrenaline rush, I dove into my own brain to look for THE good idea! Find a creative idea to make last minute and easily achievable!!! EUREKA!!! I found this simple idea to make a leather Halloween mask! Nothing could be simpler and more effective!

Creation of the mask + filming of the video…

Having ideas is good… But then you have to make them come true! I swallow my coffee in a few micro-seconds and I already find myself in my workshop setting up my outfit for the perfect videographer! – Light? CHECK!!! – The mic? CHECK!!! – The tools? CHECK CHECK!!! – Shake? ohhh what humor! In shortffffff 1 hour is necessary to gather all the equipment and to finally start filming.

A rather simple shoot!

Well, I’m full, I’m full… But!!! We have to admit, it wasn’t that complicated a video!

Quite quick and easy to turn actually!

Making this leather mask is not terribly difficult… It only took me 1 hour to make my disguise! The longest part is shooting the video, finding the right angle – the right light and managing battery levels – memory! I know that my iPhone has a recording capacity of around 1 hour, and that was just the time it took me to complete the shoot…

The editing on the other hand…

Obviously 1 hour of video rush is “paid for in editing” – you have to go through the entire film and find the best passages. “By taking care to eliminate slow moments! And yes we are not making a 2h30 film! The information must be contained in just 10/15 minutes!!! And as I said in my video “The New Tough Guy” with my current computer, editing a full HD video is HORROR!

We send the sound to the mix!!!

What would I be without my engineer Alex!!! Honestly not much! And who can boast of having someone available at 10:30 p.m. (Time when I finally finished editing my video: leather Halloween mask tutorial) So I export the sound of my video and off to the studio Audiocracy) In just 1 hour, Alex created the entire soundtrack for the video! Thank you my little dear! (little love name that we exchange)

We put the sound back into the video!

And finally, you have to paste the “processed” sound onto the video!!! piuffff I swallow a pizza in “two twos”! And I’m uploading the video to YouTube! Because yes, then there is the technical aspect that comes into play! Fortunately I have TUBEBUDDY (free affiliate link don’t go there!!!) This tool allows me to post my video and find all the keywords to have good SEO. In short, the video is online, I still use a few hours of my time to write this art… (fall asleep at 1:30 a.m….)

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