The Bearded Cave… Presentation of the winner!

Presentation of “the Bearded Cave”!

The Bearded Cave is a YouTube channel that I discovered thanks to my own channel!!!

Olivier Chambon, the man behind this beard, is a video creator specializing in the DIY field!

Whether it’s about woodworking – testing tools – leatherworking or 3D printing… Olivier will always be 100% transparent about the opinion he gives us!

Even though he makes a video with affiliate links, everything is clearly indicated, and the test is conducted with a frankness that deserves respect.

It is towards this transparency that I want to bring my channel!

Not because I’m hiding things, but because creating a video is super complicated! YOU HAVE TO THINK OF EVERYTHING!!!

A transparency version of “The bearded man’s cave”!

Indeed, making videos is a real job… And we tend to forget that!

So I’m going to work on a way to clearly state the purpose of the video. If there are affiliate links – sponsorships – etc…
Because I will very soon present to you the tools that I use, and I will do it like “La cave du Barbu” with transparency and honesty!

In short, we’ll see you again in this good energy for future videos!


Link to the presentation video of the Barbu cave by Olivier Chambon

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